Partners of Previo s.r.o.

Our partners are listed below. We are able to connect Previo with their systems so you can easily combine our Front-Desk system with other restaurant, door-lock, or accounting systems.

Accounting systems

POHODA economic software
Pohoda logo
Complex POHODA accounting software works with both small and large companies and allows for tax and accounting records to be paid to both VAT payers and non-payers.
Money S3
Money S3
Money S3 software provides you with everything you need for your accounting.
On-line accounting
Účetnictví on-line
UOL is an accounting office combining accounting and modern technology, founded in 2004, has now 1500+ clients and 19 branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to our partnership you can transfer data from the Previo into the accounts with one click.

Front-Desk system

Previo reservation system is compatible with other reception systems. You can see a list of them below. If you don't have reception software, you can try Previo Pro.

Agnis reception software
AGNIS s.r.o. logo
Widely used and affordable software from the Czech company Agnis s.r.o. can manage reception, restaurants, currency exchange, and accounting.
Mefisto reception software
MEFISTO SOFTWARE is one of the most important suppliers for hotel information systems in the Czech Republic.

Restaurant system

Restaurant system Storyous
Storyous logo
Cash register tailored to gastro needs. Speed up your business, boost your turnover and control everything from waiting staff to stocks.
Restaurant system Septim
Septim logo
An extensive system for running your restaurant. Everything is adjustable according to your needs.
Awis cash register system
Awis logo
AVIS is a unique and complex cash register system that is always reliable. Just ask one of their over 300 satisfied customers.
Restaurant system Savarin
Savarin logo
Complete SW solution for your restaurant. You can choose which parts of system you want to install or you can activate each subsystem one by one.

Lock system

Assa Abloy lock system
Assa Abloy logo
ASSA ABLOY provides high-quality door opening solutions and is constantly developing innovative solutions that improve everyday life across all market segments. These door opening solutions offer greater safety and comfort.
Salto electronic door and lock systems
Salto logo
SALTO was created with one objective: devise a world-class access control system that was simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors without complicated and expensive wiring. This system was designed to be easy to install, cost-effective, reliable, and able to withstand to test of time.
Onity lock system
Onity logo
We offer a wide range of access card systems for hotels, guest houses, and buildings.
ACS-line logo
A comprehensive and cost-effective series of card systems for hotels and other types of accommodation - including multi-functional buildings and sports complexes. It offers an elegant solution for room access, power control, lift control, car park entry, and control of the sports grounds including lockers.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks Sezam24
Sezam24 logo
Turn on your front desk autopilot for maximum business optimization. The Ultimate fast Check-in, contactless payment, automatic fulfilling of registration forms, on-screen signature, programming and dispensing of room cards.
Interactive kiosks Smartkey
Smartkey logo
Automatic solution for your reception duties. Issues access cards for guests based on reservation number and keeps track on already issued cards.
Interactive kiosks Czech Kiosk
Czech Kiosk logo
Solution for hotels and pensions - self service check-in and check-out. Can work as standalone or together with your reception.

PBX - private telephone network

ALLWIN software for private telephone communication
Allwin logo
The ALLWIN Plus program handles financial and statistical evaluation of telephone operations for branch telephone exchanges, individual lines, or groups of branches. ALLWIN Plus allows you to issue documents related to the operation of PBXs (receipts, summary accounts, and invoices for calls made) including summary traffic reports.

ID scanner

With ID scanner you can complete check-ins faster and avoid mistakes in your guest register. All details are automatically transferred from the ID card to your guest accommodation card in Previo.

Granus s.r.o. logo
Comprehensive solution for check-ins, authentication of documents and payments