Payment gateway and payment terminal

Give your clients the opportunity to save money on fees by paying online.
Together with ČSOB, Previo offers you a comprehensive solution for accepting payment cards in your hotel with proper terms and conditions.

Payment gateway and payment terminal

Previo PAY handles the arrangement of the payment terminal and online payment gateway, which are connected with reception software. Payment is automatically transferred to the current room account (reservation) when the payment is successful.

Payment gateway benefits

  • Send payment instructions from Previo directly to your guests' email
  • Your clients can pay their reservation and additional services online while booking
  • Supports payments in multiple currencies
  • Quick, modern and safe payment method
Payment gateway

Payment terminal benefits

  • Gain access to beneficial terms and conditions for your payment terminal
  • Expand payment options for your clients
  • Manage your money - you can see the list of payments in the payment gateway extranet and also in Previo
  • Verify and pre-authorize guaranteed reservations
Payment terminal
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